Authorize Xbox Live Accounts for Testing in your environment

This topic will go through the process of setting up an Xbox Live account with your publishers test environment


You will need the following to authorize an Xbox Live test account:

This is located in the Account Settings section of Partner Center

You can arrive at this section in one of two ways

  1. In Partner Center, click the settings gear ⚙️ in the upper right of the dashboard and select Developer Settings from the dropdown. This will open a navigation menu on the left side of the screen where you will select the Xbox Live dropdown and then the Xbox test accounts link.
  2. From your Xbox Live Creators configuration page locate the test section and click the link entitled Authorize Xbox Live accounts for your test environment

Authorize an Xbox Live Account for your test environment

  • Once within the Xbox test accounts page you should see a list of all currently authorized accounts. To authorize a new account, click the Add account button

Adding Xbox Live Accounts

  • A modal should pop into the screen with one text box where you can enter the desired account’s email address

Adding Xbox Live Accounts Modal

  • Click the add button to validate that the email address exists and has an associated Xbox Live Account. If the checks pass the modal will disappear and you will see the new account in the table indicting it is now successfully authorized for your test environment

Adding Xbox Live Accounts Success


The email entered in the modal is run through a few checks including a lookup to ensure there is an Xbox Live account associated with it. If any of these checks fail, the account is not added to the table and therefore not authorized and you may get a "Sorry, there was an issue adding your email address" error.

A good check if you are having issues is to try and sign in with the account on If you can’t sign in then the account is not an Xbox Live account.