Step by step guide to integrate Xbox Live Creators Program

This section will help you get your title up and running with Xbox Live:

1. Ensure you have a title created in Partner Center

Every Xbox Live title must be defined in Partner Center before you will be able to sign-in and make Xbox Live Service calls. Creating a new Creators title will show you how to do this.

2. Follow the appropriate guide to setup your IDE or Game Engine

You can follow the appropriate Getting Started guide for your platform and engine and learn the basics of Xbox Live as you go along.

3. Xbox Live Concepts

Once you have a title created, you should learn about the Xbox Live concepts that will affect your experience developing titles.

4. Add Xbox Live Features

Add Xbox Live features to your game:

5. Release Your Title

If you are using the Xbox Live Creators Program, then the process is no different than releasing any other UWP. For details on the process, you can see Publish Windows apps.