Prerequisites for Installing a Schema Extension

To modify the schema, ensure you have the following rights and are aware of the following information:

  • You must have sufficient rights to modify the schema. The schema contains all of the data definitions for Active Directory Domain Services for the entire enterprise. To update the schema, a user must be a member of the Schema Administrators group, or have been delegated the rights to update the schema.
  • You can only make schema changes at the schema master. For more information, see Detecting the Schema Master.
  • The schema master must be writable; that is, the safety interlock in the registry must be removed. For more information, see Enabling Schema Changes at the Schema Master.
  • For more information about how to check whether the schema master can be modified, and how to change its settings, see "XADM: Unable to Update the Schema on the Schema Owner" in the Help and Support Knowledge Base at .