ms-DS-Claim-Shares-Possible-Values-With attribute

For a resource property object, this attribute indicates that the suggested values of the claims issued are defined on the object that this linked attribute points to. Overrides ms-DS-Claim-Possible-Values on itself, if populated.

Entry Value
CN ms-DS-Claim-Shares-Possible-Values-With
Ldap-Display-Name msDS-ClaimSharesPossibleValuesWith
Size -
Update Privilege -
Update Frequency -
Attribute-Id 1.2.840.113556.1.4.2101
System-Id-Guid 52c8d13a-ce0b-4f57-892b-18f5a43a2400
Syntax Object(DS-DN)


Windows Server 2012

Entry Value
Link-Id 2178
System-Only False
Is-Single-Valued True
Is Indexed False
In Global Catalog False
NT-Security-Descriptor O:BAG:BAD:S:
Range-Lower -
Range-Upper -
Search-Flags 0x00000000
System-Flags 0x00000010
Classes used in ms-DS-Claim-Type-Property-Base