WinNT ADsPath

The ADsPath string for the ADSI WinNT provider can be one of the following forms:

WinNT://<domain name>
WinNT://<domain name>/<server>
WinNT://<domain name>/<path>
WinNT://<domain name>/<object name>
WinNT://<domain name>/<object name>,<object class>
WinNT://<server>/<object name>
WinNT://<server>/<object name>,<object class>

The domain name can be either a NETBIOS name or a DNS name.

The server is the name of a specific server within the domain.

The path is the path of on object, such as "printserver1/printer2".

The object name is the name of a specific object.

The object class is the class name of the named object. One example of this usage would be "WinNT://MyServer/JeffSmith,user". Specifying a class name can improve the performance of the bind operation.