AllJoyn API

Overview of the AllJoyn API technology.

To develop AllJoyn API, you need these headers:

For programming guidance for this technology, see:


Title Description
AllJoynCloseBusHandle Closes the Named Pipe handle.
AllJoynConnectToBus Opens the AllJoyn Router Node Service named pipe, and sets it to PIPE_NOWAIT.
AllJoynEnumEvents Provides AllJoyn transport functionality similar to the TCP socket WSAEnumNetworkEvents functionality.
AllJoynEventSelect Provides AllJoyn transport functionality similar to the TCP socket WSAEventSelect functionality.
AllJoynReceiveFromBus Receives data from the bus via named pipe.
AllJoynSendToBus Sends data to the bus via named pipe. The caller of this API is responsible to check if the bytesTransferred is less than the requested bytes and call this API again to resend the rest of the data.
CreateFromWin32Handle Constructs an AllJoynBusAttachment over an existing alljoyn_busattachment instance without taking ownership.
get_Win32Handle Classic COM interface that simply returns a pointer to the underlying alljoyn_busattachment instance, so the app can use it directly with the AllJoyn Core C API.


Title Description
IWindowsDevicesAllJoynBusAttachmentFactoryInterop This interface allows for the creation of alljoyn_busattachment without taking ownership of the reference.
IWindowsDevicesAllJoynBusAttachmentInterop This interface allows for retrieval of the underlying alljoyn_busattachment object.