Antimalware Scan Interface

Overview of the Antimalware Scan Interface technology.

To develop with Antimalware Scan Interface, you need to include this header.

For programming guidance for this technology, see


Title Description
AMSI_ATTRIBUTE Specifies the types of attributes that can be requested by IAmsiStream::GetAttribute.
AMSI_RESULT Specifies the types of results returned by scans.


Title Description
AmsiCloseSession Close a session that was opened by AmsiOpenSession.
AmsiInitialize Initialize the AMSI API.
AmsiOpenSession Opens a session within which multiple scan requests can be correlated.
AmsiResultIsMalware Determines if the result of a scan indicates that the content should be blocked.
AmsiScanBuffer Scans a buffer-full of content for malware.
AmsiScanString Scans a string for malware.
AmsiUninitialize Remove the instance of the AMSI API that was originally opened by AmsiInitialize.
CloseSession Closes the session.
CloseSession Closes the session.
DisplayName The name of the antimalware provider to be displayed.
GetAttribute Returns a requested attribute from the stream.
Read Requests a buffer-full of content to be read.
Scan Scan a stream of content.
Scan Scan a stream of content.


Title Description
IAmsiStream Represents a stream to be scanned.
IAntimalware Represents the antimalware product.
IAntimalwareProvider Represents the provider of the antimalware product.