Compression API

Overview of the Compression API technology.

To develop Compression API, you need these headers:

For programming guidance for this technology, see:


Title Description
COMPRESS_INFORMATION_CLASS The values of this enumeration identify the type of information class being set or retrieved.


Title Description
CloseCompressor Call to close an open COMPRESSOR_HANDLE.
CloseDecompressor Call to close an open DECOMPRESSOR_HANDLE.
Compress Takes a block of information and compresses it.
CreateCompressor Generates a new COMPRESSOR_HANDLE.
CreateDecompressor Generates a new DECOMPRESSOR_HANDLE.
Decompress Takes a block of compressed information and decompresses it.
QueryCompressorInformation Queries a compressor for information for a particular compression algorithm.
QueryDecompressorInformation Use this function to query information about a particular compression algorithm.
ResetCompressor Prepares the compressor for the compression of a new stream.
ResetDecompressor Prepares the decompressor for the decompression of a new stream.
SetCompressorInformation Sets information in a compressor for a particular compression algorithm.
SetDecompressorInformation Sets information in a decompressor for a particular compression algorithm.


Title Description
COMPRESS_ALLOCATION_ROUTINES A structure containing optional memory allocation and deallocation routines.