Legacy Windows Environment Features

Overview of the Legacy Windows Environment Features technology.

To develop Legacy Windows Environment Features, you need these headers:

For programming guidance for this technology, see:


Title Description
_ColumnSortOrder Used by IResultsViewer::SortOrderProperty to indicate or set how a query is to be sorted.


Title Description
AddDesktopItem Adds a desktop item.
AddDesktopItemWithUI Adds a desktop item to the Active Desktop after displaying user interfaces that confirm the addition of the desktop item, verifying security zone permissions, and asking if the user wants to create a subscription.
AddUrl Adds the desktop item associated with the specified URL.
ApplyChanges Applies changes to the Active Desktop and saves them in the registry.
Deactivate Notifies the handler that the disk cleanup manager is shutting down.
GenerateDesktopItemHtml Generates a generic HTML page containing the given desktop item.
GetDesktopItem Gets the specified desktop item.
GetDesktopItemByID Gets the desktop item that matches the given identification.
GetDesktopItemBySource Gets a desktop item using its source URL.
GetDesktopItemCount Gets a count of the desktop items.
GetDesktopItemOptions Gets the options for the desktop item.
GetPattern Gets the current pattern.
GetProgressFeedbackMaxEstimate Retrieves an estimated measurement of the amount of work required to complete a reconciliation.
GetSpaceUsed Requests the amount of disk space that the disk cleanup handler can free.
GetWallpaper Gets the current wallpaper.
GetWallpaperOptions Gets the wallpaper options.
Initialize Initializes the disk cleanup handler, based on the information stored under the specified registry key.
InitializeEx Initializes the disk cleanup handler. It provides better support for localization than Initialize.
ModifyDesktopItem Modifies the desktop item.
Purge Notifies the handler to start deleting its unneeded files.
PurgeProgress Called periodically by a disk cleanup handler to update the disk cleanup manager on the progress of a purge of deletable files.
Reconcile Reconciles the state of an object with one or more other objects. The reconciliation updates the internal state of the object by merging the states of all objects to form a combined state.
RemoveDesktopItem Removes the specified desktop item from the desktop.
ScanProgress Called by a disk cleanup handler to update the disk cleanup manager on the progress of a scan for deletable files.
SetAbortCallback Sets the object through which the initiator can asynchronously terminate a reconciliation. A briefcase reconciler typically sets this object for reconciliations that are lengthy or involve user interaction.
SetDesktopItemOptions Sets the item's options.
SetPattern Sets the Active Desktop pattern.
SetProgressFeedback Indicates the amount of progress the briefcase reconciler has made toward completing the reconciliation.
SetSafeMode Sets or updates the Microsoft Active Desktop to safe mode.
SetWallpaper Sets the wallpaper for the Active Desktop.
SetWallpaperOptions Sets the wallpaper options.
ShowProperties Notifies the handler to display its UI.
UpdateAllDesktopSubscriptions Calls the UpdateAllDesktopSubscriptions function to update desktop subscriptions.
WDEnable Changes Windows Defender status to on or off.
WDStatus Returns the current status of Windows Defender.


Title Description
IActiveDesktop Allows a client program to manage the desktop items and wallpaper on a local computer.
IActiveDesktopP Exposes methods that manage the Windows Desktop.
IADesktopP2 Provides methods to manage the Windows Desktop.
IEmptyVolumeCache Used by the disk cleanup manager to communicate with a disk cleanup handler. Exposes methods that enable the manager to request information from a handler, and notify it of events such as the start of a scan or purge.
IEmptyVolumeCache2 Extends IEmptyVolumeCache. This interface defines one additional method, InitializeEx, that provides better localization support than IEmptyVolumeCache::Initialize.
IEmptyVolumeCacheCallBack Exposes methods that are used by a disk cleanup handler to communicate with the disk cleanup manager.
IReconcilableObject Exposes methods that reconcile a given document. The briefcase reconciler is responsible for implementing this interface.
IReconcileInitiator Exposes methods that provide the briefcase reconciler with the means to notify the initiator of its progress, to set a termination object, and to request a given version of a document. The initiator is responsible for implementing this interface.