Mobile Device Management Registration

Overview of the Mobile Device Management Registration technology.

To develop Mobile Device Management Registration, you need these headers:

For programming guidance for this technology, see:


Title Description
REGISTRATION_INFORMATION_CLASS Contains information about the device registration.


Title Description
DiscoverManagementService Discovers the MDM service.
DiscoverManagementServiceEx Discovers the MDM service using a candidate server.
GetDeviceRegistrationInfo Retrieves the device registration information.
GetManagementAppHyperlink Retrieves the management app hyperlink associated with the MDM service.
IsDeviceRegisteredWithManagement Checks whether the device is registered with an MDM service.
IsManagementRegistrationAllowed Checks whether MDM registration is allowed by local policy.
RegisterDeviceWithManagement Registers a device with a MDM service, using the [MS-MDE]:_Mobile Device Enrollment Protocol.
RegisterDeviceWithManagementUsingAADCredentials Registers a device with a MDM service, using Azure Active Directory (AAD) credentials.
SetManagedExternally Indicates to the MDM agent that the device is managed externally and is not to be registered with an MDM service.
UnregisterDeviceWithManagement Unregisters a device with the MDM service.


Title Description
MANAGEMENT_SERVICE_INFO Contains the endpoints and information about the management service.