Windows Connect Now

Overview of the Windows Connect Now technology.

To develop Windows Connect Now, you need these headers:

For programming guidance for this technology, see:


Title Description
WCN_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE WCN_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE enumeration defines the attribute buffer types defined for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The overall size occupied by each attribute buffer includes an additional 4 bytes (2 bytes of ID, 2 bytes of Length).
WCN_PASSWORD_TYPE WCN_PASSWORD_TYPE enumeration defines the authentication that will be used in a WPS session.
WCN_SESSION_STATUS Defines the outcome status of a WPS session.
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_ASSOCIATION_STATE WCN_VALUE_TYPE_ASSOCIATION_STATE enumeration defines the possible association states of a wireless station during a Discovery request.
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_AUTHENTICATION_TYPE WCN_VALUE_TYPE_AUTHENTICATION_TYPE enumeration defines the authentication types supported by the Enrollee (access point or station).
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_BOOLEAN WCN_VALUE_TYPE_BOOLEAN enumeration defines values used to represent true/false conditions encountered during device setup and association.
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_CONFIG_METHODS WCN_VALUE_TYPE_CONFIG_METHODS enumeration defines the configuration methods supported by the Enrollee or Registrar.
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_CONFIGURATION_ERROR WCN_VALUE_TYPE_CONFIGURATION_ERROR enumeration defines possible error values returned to a device while attempting to configure to, and associate with, the WLAN.
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_DEVICE_PASSWORD_ID WCN_VALUE_TYPE_DEVICE_PASSWORD_ID enumeration defines values that specify the origin or 'type' of a password.
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_ENCRYPTION_TYPE WCN_VALUE_TYPE_ENCRYPTION_TYPE enumeration defines the supported WLAN encryption types.
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_RF_BANDS WCN_VALUE_TYPE_RF_BANDS enumeration defines the possible radio frequency bands on which an enrollee can send Discovery requests.
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_VERSION Defines the supported version of Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).


Title Description
Connect The IWCNDevice::Connect method initiates the session.
ConnectFailed Callback method indicates a IWCNDevice::Connect failure.
ConnectSucceeded The IWCNConnectNotify::ConnectSucceeded callback method that indicates a successful IWCNDevice::Connect operation.
GetAttribute The IWCNDevice::GetAttribute method gets a cached attribute from the device.
GetIntegerAttribute The GetIntegerAttribute method gets a cached attribute from the device as an integer.
GetNetworkProfile The IWCNDevice::GetNetworkProfile method gets a network profile from the device.
GetStringAttribute The IWCNDevice::GetStringAttribute method gets a cached attribute from the device as a string.
GetVendorExtension The GetVendorExtension method gets a cached vendor extension from the device.
SetNetworkProfile The IWCNDevice::SetNetworkProfile method queues an XML WLAN profile to be provisioned to the device. This method may only be called prior to IWCNDevice::Connect.
SetPassword The IWCNDevice::SetPassword method configures the authentication method value, and if required, a password used for the pending session. This method may only be called prior to IWCNDevice::Connect.
SetVendorExtension The IWCNDevice::SetVendorExtension method queues a vendor extension for use in the pending session. This function may only be called prior to IWCNDevice::Connect.
Unadvise IWCNDevice::Unadvise method removes any callback previously set via IWCNDevice::Connect.


Title Description
IWCNConnectNotify Use this interface to receive a success or failure notification when a Windows Connect Now connect session completes.
IWCNDevice Use this interface to configure the device and initiate the session.


Title Description
WCN_VALUE_TYPE_PRIMARY_DEVICE_TYPE WCN_VALUE_TYPE_PRIMARY_DEVICE_TYPE structure contains information that identifies the device type by category, sub-category, and a manufacturer specific OUI (Organization ID).
WCN_VENDOR_EXTENSION_SPEC WCN_VENDOR_EXTENSION_SPEC structure contains data that defines a vendor extension.