AMSI_RESULT enumeration (amsi.h)

The AMSI_RESULT enumeration specifies the types of results returned by scans.


typedef enum AMSI_RESULT {
} ;


Name Description
AMSI_RESULT_CLEAN Known good. No detection found, and the result is likely not going to change after a future definition update.
AMSI_RESULT_NOT_DETECTED No detection found, but the result might change after a future definition update.
AMSI_RESULT_BLOCKED_BY_ADMIN_START Administrator policy blocked this content on this machine (beginning of range).
AMSI_RESULT_BLOCKED_BY_ADMIN_END Administrator policy blocked this content on this machine (end of range).
AMSI_RESULT_DETECTED Detection found. The content is considered malware and should be blocked.


The antimalware provider may return a result between 1 and 32767, inclusive, as an estimated risk level. The larger the result, the riskier it is to continue with the content. These values are provider specific, and may indicate a malware family or ID.

Results within the range of AMSI_RESULT_BLOCKED_BY_ADMIN_START and AMSI_RESULT_BLOCKED_BY_ADMIN_END values (inclusive) are officially blocked by the admin specified policy. In these cases, the script in question will be blocked from executing. The range is large to accommodate future additions in functionality.

Any return result equal to or larger than 32768 is considered malware, and the content should be blocked. An app should use AmsiResultIsMalware to determine if this is the case.


Minimum supported client Windows 10 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2016 [desktop apps only]
Header amsi.h