RegisterAppStateChangeNotification function (appnotify.h)

Enables an app to register a callback function through which it can be notified that its library is going into or coming out of a suspended state. The app can use this information to perform any necessary operations, such as preserving state, that should be performed at that point.


APICONTRACT ULONG RegisterAppStateChangeNotification(
  [in]           PAPPSTATE_CHANGE_ROUTINE Routine,
  [in, optional] PVOID                    Context,
  [out]          PAPPSTATE_REGISTRATION   *Registration


[in] Routine

A pointer to a callback function that is called when the app enters or leaves the suspended state. See PAPPSTATE_CHANGE_ROUTINE for more detail on this function.

[in, optional] Context

App-specific context information that the app uses when going into or out of a suspended state. This is commonly a "this" pointer.

[out] Registration

When this function returns successfully, this parameter receives the address of a pointer to a value that can be used to identify the registration. Store this value to use with UnregisterAppStateChangeNotification.

Return value

A standard Win32 status code.


Target Platform Windows
Header appnotify.h
Library Appnotify.lib
DLL Twinapi.core.dll

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