IBackgroundCopyJob2 interface

Use the IBackgroundCopyJob2 interface to retrieve reply data from an upload-reply job, determine the progress of the reply data transfer to the client, request command line execution, and provide credentials for proxy and remote server authentication requests.

The IBackgroundCopyJob2 interface inherits from the IBackgroundCopyJob interface.

To get an IBackgroundCopyJob2 interface pointer, call the IBackgroundCopyJob::QueryInterface method using __uuidof(IBackgroundCopyJob2) for the interface identifier. Use the IBackgroundCopyJob2 interface pointer to call both the IBackgroundCopyJob and IBackgroundCopyJob2 methods.


The IBackgroundCopyJob2 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IBackgroundCopyJob2::GetNotifyCmdLine Retrieves the program to execute when the job enters the error or transferred state.
IBackgroundCopyJob2::GetReplyData Retrieves an in-memory copy of the reply data from the server application. Call this method only if the job's type is BG_JOB_TYPE_UPLOAD_REPLY and its state is BG_JOB_STATE_TRANSFERRED.
IBackgroundCopyJob2::GetReplyFileName Retrieves the name of the file that contains the reply data from the server application. Call this method only if the job type is BG_JOB_TYPE_UPLOAD_REPLY.
IBackgroundCopyJob2::GetReplyProgress Retrieves progress information related to the transfer of the reply data from an upload-reply job.
IBackgroundCopyJob2::RemoveCredentials Removes credentials from use. The credentials must match an existing target and scheme pair that you specified using the IBackgroundCopyJob2::SetCredentials method. There is no method to retrieve the credentials you have set.
IBackgroundCopyJob2::SetCredentials Specifies the credentials to use for a proxy or remote server user authentication request.
IBackgroundCopyJob2::SetNotifyCmdLine Specifies a program to execute if the job enters the BG_JOB_STATE_ERROR or BG_JOB_STATE_TRANSFERRED state. BITS executes the program in the context of the user who called this method.
IBackgroundCopyJob2::SetReplyFileName Specifies the name of the file to contain the reply data from the server application. Call this method only if the job's type is BG_JOB_TYPE_UPLOAD_REPLY.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003
Target Platform Windows
Header bits1_5.h (include Bits.h)
Redistributable BITS 1.5 on Windows XP

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