IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection interface

The IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection interface represents a set of certificates for which an Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) service has been configured to provide certificate status responses.

Microsoft provides a default implementation of this interface in the OCSPCAConfigurationCollection class. A OCSPCAConfigurationCollection object cannot be created externally.

The default implementation of IOCSPAdmin creates a OCSPCAConfiguration object and uses its properties.


The IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection interface inherits from the IDispatch interface. IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection also has these types of members:


The IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection interface has these methods.

Method Description
IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection::CreateCAConfiguration Creates a new certification authority (CA) configuration and adds it to the configuration set.
IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection::DeleteCAConfiguration Removes a named certification authority (CA) configuration from the configuration set.
IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection::get__NewEnum Gets an enumerator for the configuration set.
IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection::get_Count Gets the number of certification authority (CA) configurations in the configuration set.
IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection::get_Item Gets a certification authority (CA) configuration identified by index in the configuration set.
IOCSPCAConfigurationCollection::get_ItemByName Gets a certification authority (CA) configuration identified by name in the configuration set.


Minimum supported client None supported
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 Datacenter, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header certadm.h (include Certsrv.h)

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