CreateClusterCNOless function

Creates a cluster without cluster name and IP Address resources. The allows you to create clusters that are domain joined but not managed by Active Directory, and clusters that are not members of a domain. PCLUSAPI_CREATE_CLUSTER_CNOLESS defines a pointer to this function.


HCLUSTER CreateClusterCNOless(
  PCREATE_CLUSTER_CONFIG           pConfig,
  PVOID                            pvCallbackArg



A pointer to the CREATE_CLUSTER_CONFIG structure that contains the cluster configuration.


A pointer to the ClusterSetupProgressCallback callback function that receives the status of updates to the cluster.


Callback function arguments for the pfnProgressCallback parameter.

Return Value

A handle to the new cluster or NULL. A non NULL value does not indicate success (even if all nodes are added to the cluster, the IP Address or Network Name resource creation can fail). After a failure, you should check the parameters passed through the pfnProgressCallback parameter.

Return code Description
Less than a majority of nodes were successfully created. For more information about the error, call the function GetLastError.


To create clusters that are not domain joined, an non-domain account must have permission to manage the cluster remotely.


Minimum supported client None supported
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2016
Target Platform Windows
Header clusapi.h
Library ClusAPI.lib
DLL ClusAPI.dll

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