IOfflineFilesCache interface

Used to manage the Offline Files cache.


The IOfflineFilesCache interface has these methods.

Method Description
IOfflineFilesCache::DeleteItems Deletes files and directories from the local cache.
IOfflineFilesCache::DeleteItemsForUser Deletes a user's files and directories from the local cache.
IOfflineFilesCache::Encrypt Encrypts or unencrypts the contents of the Offline Files cache cached for the calling user.
IOfflineFilesCache::EnumSettingObjects Creates an enumerator of instances of IOfflineFilesSetting.
IOfflineFilesCache::FindItem Locates a particular file or directory item in the cache.
IOfflineFilesCache::FindItemEx Locates a particular file or directory item in the cache.
IOfflineFilesCache::GetDiskSpaceInformation Retrieves the amount of disk space used by the Offline Files cache as well as the space limits applied to cache usage.
IOfflineFilesCache::GetEncryptionStatus Retrieves the current encryption state (encrypted or unencrypted) of the Offline Files cache.
IOfflineFilesCache::GetLocation Retrieves the current fully qualified directory path of the Offline Files cache.
IOfflineFilesCache::GetSettingObject Creates an object that represents a particular Offline Files setting.
IOfflineFilesCache::IsPathCacheable Determines whether a specified UNC path is in the Offline Files cache.
IOfflineFilesCache::Pin Pins files, directories, and network shared folders.
IOfflineFilesCache::ProcessAdminPinPolicy Causes Offline Files to process the "administratively assigned offline files" group policy.
IOfflineFilesCache::RenameItem Renames an item in the cache.
IOfflineFilesCache::SetDiskSpaceLimits Sets disk space usage limits on the Offline Files cache.
IOfflineFilesCache::Synchronize Synchronizes files and directories in the Offline Files cache with their corresponding copies in the applicable network shared folders.
IOfflineFilesCache::Unpin Unpins files, directories, and network shared folders from the Offline Files cache.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header cscobj.h

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