ID3D10Device::DrawIndexed method (d3d10.h)

Draw indexed, non-instanced primitives.


void DrawIndexed(
  [in] UINT IndexCount,
  [in] UINT StartIndexLocation,
  [in] INT  BaseVertexLocation


[in] IndexCount

Type: UINT

Number of indices to draw.

[in] StartIndexLocation

Type: UINT

Index of the first index to use when accessing the vertex buffer; begin at StartIndexLocation to index vertices from the vertex buffer.

[in] BaseVertexLocation

Type: INT

Offset from the start of the vertex buffer to the first vertex.

Return value



A draw API submits work to the rendering pipeline.

If the sum of both indices is negative, the result of the function call is undefined.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d10.h
Library D3D10.lib

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