ID3D10Device::RSGetScissorRects method (d3d10.h)

Get the array of scissor rectangles bound to the rasterizer stage.


void RSGetScissorRects(
  [in, out] UINT       *NumRects,
  [out]     D3D10_RECT *pRects


[in, out] NumRects

Type: UINT*

Number of scissor rectangles to get. If pRects is NULL, this will be filled with the number of scissor rectangles currently bound.

[out] pRects

Type: D3D10_RECT*

An array of scissor rectangles (see D3D10_RECT). If NumRects is greater than the number of scissor rects currently bound, then unused members of the array will contain 0.

Return value



Target Platform Windows
Header d3d10.h
Library D3D10.lib

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