ID3D10ShaderReflection interface

A shader-reflection interface accesses shader information.


The ID3D10ShaderReflection interface has these methods.

Method Description
ID3D10ShaderReflection::GetConstantBufferByIndex Get a constant buffer by index.
ID3D10ShaderReflection::GetConstantBufferByName Get a constant buffer by name.
ID3D10ShaderReflection::GetDesc Get a shader description.
ID3D10ShaderReflection::GetInputParameterDesc Get an input-parameter description for a shader.
ID3D10ShaderReflection::GetOutputParameterDesc Get an output-parameter description for a shader.
ID3D10ShaderReflection::GetResourceBindingDesc Get a description of the resources bound to a shader.


Create the interface by calling D3DX10ReflectShader. Since it is a COM interface, creating the interface increases a reference count and the interface must be released when it is no longer needed. The remaining shader-reflection interfaces are not COM interfaces.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d10shader.h

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