D3D11_BUFFER_UAV_FLAG enumeration (d3d11.h)

Identifies unordered-access view options for a buffer resource.


typedef enum D3D11_BUFFER_UAV_FLAG {
} ;


Name Description
D3D11_BUFFER_UAV_FLAG_RAW Resource contains raw, unstructured data. Requires the UAV format to be DXGI_FORMAT_R32_TYPELESS.
For more info about raw viewing of buffers, see Raw Views of Buffers.
D3D11_BUFFER_UAV_FLAG_APPEND Allow data to be appended to the end of the buffer. D3D11_BUFFER_UAV_FLAG_APPEND flag must also be used for
any view that will be used as a AppendStructuredBuffer or a ConsumeStructuredBuffer.
Requires the UAV format to be DXGI_FORMAT_UNKNOWN.
D3D11_BUFFER_UAV_FLAG_COUNTER Adds a counter to the unordered-access-view buffer. D3D11_BUFFER_UAV_FLAG_COUNTER can only be used on a UAV that is a
RWStructuredBuffer and it enables the functionality needed for the IncrementCounterand DecrementCounter methods in HLSL. Requires the UAV format to be DXGI_FORMAT_UNKNOWN.


Header d3d11.h

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