ID3D12Device5::CreateLifetimeTracker method (d3d12.h)

Creates a lifetime tracker associated with an application-defined callback; the callback receives notifications when the lifetime of a tracked object is changed.


HRESULT CreateLifetimeTracker(
  [in]  ID3D12LifetimeOwner *pOwner,
  [in]  REFIID              riid,
  [out] void                **ppvTracker


[in] pOwner

Type: ID3D12LifetimeOwner*

A pointer to an ID3D12LifetimeOwner interface representing the application-defined callback.

[in] riid


A reference to the interface identifier (IID) of the interface to return in ppvTracker.

[out] ppvTracker

Type: void**

A pointer to a memory block that receives the requested interface pointer to the created object.


Minimum supported client Windows 10 Build 20348
Minimum supported server Windows 10 Build 20348
Target Platform Windows
Header d3d12.h