ID3D12ShaderReflection interface (d3d12shader.h)

A shader-reflection interface accesses shader information.


The ID3D12ShaderReflection interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. ID3D12ShaderReflection also has these types of members:


The ID3D12ShaderReflection interface has these methods.

Method Description
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetBitwiseInstructionCount Gets the number of bitwise instructions.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetConstantBufferByIndex Gets a constant buffer by index.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetConstantBufferByName Gets a constant buffer by name.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetConversionInstructionCount Gets the number of conversion instructions.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetDesc Gets a shader description.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetGSInputPrimitive Gets the geometry-shader input-primitive description.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetInputParameterDesc Gets an input-parameter description for a shader.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetMinFeatureLevel Gets the minimum feature level.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetMovcInstructionCount Gets the number of Movc instructions.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetMovInstructionCount Gets the number of Mov instructions.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetNumInterfaceSlots Gets the number of interface slots in a shader.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetOutputParameterDesc Gets an output-parameter description for a shader.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetPatchConstantParameterDesc Gets a patch-constant parameter description for a shader.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetRequiresFlags Gets a group of flags that indicates the requirements of a shader.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetResourceBindingDesc Gets a description of how a resource is bound to a shader.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetResourceBindingDescByName Gets a description of how a resource is bound to a shader.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetThreadGroupSize Retrieves the sizes, in units of threads, of the X, Y, and Z dimensions of the shader's thread-group grid.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::GetVariableByName Gets a variable by name.
ID3D12ShaderReflection::IsSampleFrequencyShader Indicates whether a shader is a sample frequency shader.


An ID3D12ShaderReflection interface can be retrieved for a shader by using D3DReflect.


This function from d3dcompiler.dll supports Shader Model 2 - 5.1. For Shader Model 6 shader reflection, see dxcompiler.dll and Using dxc.exe and dxcompiler.dll.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d12shader.h

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