d3dcommon.h header

This header is used by Direct3D 11 Graphics. For more information, see:


Title Description
ID3D10Blob This interface is used to return arbitrary-length data.
ID3DInclude ID3DInclude is an include interface that the user implements to allow an application to call user-overridable methods for opening and closing shader


Title Description
D3D_SHADER_MACRO Defines a shader macro.


Title Description
D3D_CBUFFER_TYPE Values that identify the intended use of constant-buffer data.
D3D_DRIVER_TYPE Driver type options.
D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL Describes the set of features targeted by a Direct3D device.
D3D_INCLUDE_TYPE Values that indicate the location of a shader
D3D_INTERPOLATION_MODE Specifies interpolation mode, which affects how values are calculated during rasterization.
D3D_MIN_PRECISION Values that indicate the minimum desired interpolation precision.
D3D_NAME Values that identify shader parameters that use system-value semantics.
D3D_PARAMETER_FLAGS Indicates semantic flags for function parameters.
D3D_PRIMITIVE Indicates how the pipeline interprets geometry or hull shader input primitives.
D3D_PRIMITIVE_TOPOLOGY Values that indicate how the pipeline interprets vertex data that is bound to the input-assembler stage. These primitive topology values determine how the vertex data is rendered on screen.
D3D_REGISTER_COMPONENT_TYPE Values that identify the data types that can be stored in a register.
D3D_RESOURCE_RETURN_TYPE Indicates return value type.
D3D_SHADER_CBUFFER_FLAGS Values that identify the indended use of a constant-data buffer.
D3D_SHADER_INPUT_FLAGS Values that identify shader-input options.
D3D_SHADER_INPUT_TYPE Values that identify resource types that can be bound to a shader and that are reflected as part of the resource description for the shader.
D3D_SHADER_VARIABLE_CLASS Values that identify the class of a shader variable.
D3D_SHADER_VARIABLE_FLAGS Values that identify information about a shader variable.
D3D_SHADER_VARIABLE_TYPE Values that identify various data, texture, and buffer types that can be assigned to a shader variable.
D3D_SRV_DIMENSION Values that identify the type of resource to be viewed as a shader resource.
D3D_TESSELLATOR_DOMAIN Domain options for tessellator data.