IDCompositionDevice interface

Serves as a factory for all other Microsoft DirectComposition objects and provides methods to control transactional composition.


The IDCompositionDevice interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDCompositionDevice::CheckDeviceState Determines whether the DirectComposition device object is still valid.
IDCompositionDevice::Commit Commits all DirectComposition commands that are pending on this device.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateAnimation Creates an animation object that is used to animate one or more scalar properties of one or more Microsoft DirectComposition objects.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateEffectGroup Creates an object that represents multiple effects to be applied to a visual subtree.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateMatrixTransform Creates a 2D 3-by-2 matrix transform object.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateMatrixTransform3D Creates a 3D 4-by-4 matrix transform object.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateRectangleClip Creates a clip object that can be used to restrict the rendering of a visual subtree to a rectangular area.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateRotateTransform Creates a 2D rotation transform object.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateRotateTransform3D Creates a 3D rotation transform object.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateScaleTransform Creates a 2D scale transform object.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateScaleTransform3D Creates a 3D scale transform object.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateSkewTransform Creates a 2D skew transform object.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateSurface Creates an updateable surface object that can be associated with one or more visuals for composition.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateSurfaceFromHandle Creates a new composition surface object that wraps an existing composition surface.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateSurfaceFromHwnd Creates a wrapper object that represents the rasterization of a layered window, and that can be associated with a visual for composition.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateTargetForHwnd Creates a composition target object that is bound to the window that is represented by the specified window handle (HWND).
IDCompositionDevice::CreateTransform3DGroup Creates a 3D transform group object that holds an array of 3D transform objects.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateTransformGroup Creates a 2D transform group object that holds an array of 2D transform objects.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateTranslateTransform Creates a 2D translation transform object.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateTranslateTransform3D Creates a 3D translation transform object.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateVirtualSurface Creates a sparsely populated surface that can be associated with one or more visuals for composition.
IDCompositionDevice::CreateVisual Creates a new visual object.
IDCompositionDevice::GetFrameStatistics Retrieves information from the composition engine about composition times and the frame rate.
IDCompositionDevice::WaitForCommitCompletion Waits for the composition engine to finish processing the previous call to the IDCompositionDevice::Commit method.


Minimum supported client Windows 8 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header dcomp.h

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