IDirectDrawSurface7::GetPriority method (ddraw.h)

Retrieves the texture-management priority for this texture. This method succeeds only on managed textures.


HRESULT GetPriority(
  [out] LPDWORD unnamedParam1


[out] unnamedParam1

A pointer to a variable that receives the texture priority if the call succeeds.

Return value

If the method succeeds, the return value is DD_OK.

If it fails, the return value is an error. The method returns DDERR_INVALIDOBJECT if the parameter is invalid or if the texture is not managed by Direct3D.


Priorities are used to determine when managed textures are to be removed from memory. A texture assigned a low priority is removed before a texture with a high priority. If two textures have the same priority, the texture that was used more recently is kept in memory; the other texture is removed.

Applications can set and retrieve priorities only for managed textures (those surfaces that were created with the DDSCAPS2_TEXTUREMANAGE flag). If you call GetPriority on a nonmanaged texture, GetPriority fails and returns DDERR_INVALIDOBJECT.

GetPriority was introduced with the IDirectDrawSurface7 interface.

You must use LoadLibrary to explicitly link to Ddraw.dll and then use GetProcAddress to access the GetPriority method.


Target Platform Windows
Header ddraw.h
Library Ddraw.lib
DLL Ddraw.dll

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