LPDHCP_DROP_SEND callback function (dhcpssdk.h)



DWORD LpdhcpDropSend(
  [in, out] LPBYTE *Packet,
  [in, out] DWORD *PacketSize,
  [in]      DWORD ControlCode,
  [in]      DWORD IpAddress,
  [in]      LPVOID Reserved,
  [in]      LPVOID PktContext


[in, out] Packet

Pointer to a buffer, 4Kb in size, that contains the packet.

Note  Writing to this buffer directly is not recommended.

[in, out] PacketSize

Pointer to the size of the Packet parameter, in bytes.

[in] ControlCode

Control code that specifies the reason for dropping. See Remarks.

[in] IpAddress

Internet Protocol (IP) address of the socket on which the packet was received. The IP address is in host order.

[in] Reserved

Reserved for future use.

[in] PktContext

Context identifying the packet, as provided in the PktContext parameter of a previous DhcpNewPktHook function call.

Return value

Return values are defined by the application providing the callback.


The DhcpPktDropHook function is called by Microsoft DHCP Server when a DHCP packet is dropped, or a packet is completely processed. The DhcpPktDropHook is implemented by a third-party DLL that registers for notification of significant Microsoft DHCP Server events.

The DhcpPktDropHook function should not block.

Third-party DLLs that register for notification of this event should be prepared to have their DhcpPktDropHook function called multiple times for each packet. If a packet is dropped by Microsoft DHCP Server, this function is called twice for that packet: once to notify that the packet was dropped, and again to identify that the packet was completely processed.

The following table defines the possible control codes returned in the ControlCode parameter.

Control code Description
DHCP_DROP_DUPLICATE The packet is a duplicate of another received by the DHCP server.
DHCP_DROP_NOMEM There is not enough memory available to process the packet.
DHCP_DROP_INTERNAL_ERROR An unexpected internal error has occurred.
DHCP_DROP_TIMEOUT The packet is too old to process.
DHCP_DROP_UNAUTH The server is not authorized to process this packet.
DHCP_DROP_PAUSED The server is paused.
DHCP_DROP_NO_SUBNETS There are no subnets configured, therefore there is no point in processing the packet.
DHCP_DROP_INVALID The packet is invalid, or it was received on an invalid socket.
DHCP_DROP_WRONG_SERVER The packet was sent to the wrong DHCP Server.
DHCP_DROP_NOADDRESS There is no address to offer.
DHCP_DROP_PROCESSED The packet has been processed.
DHCP_DROP_GEN_FAILURE An unknown error has occurred.

The DhcpPktSendHook function is called by Microsoft DHCP Server directly before Microsoft DHCP Server sends a response to a client. Registering for notification of DhcpPktSendHook enables third-party developers to alter the response of the Microsoft DHCP Server by manipulation of the packet pointers. The DhcpPktSendHook is implemented by a third-party DLL that registers for notification of significant Microsoft DHCP Server events.

The DhcpPktSendHook function should not block.

The DhcpPktSendHook function should not block.


Minimum supported client None supported
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header dhcpssdk.h

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