Dhcpv6RenewPrefix function

The Dhcpv6RenewPrefix function renews a prefix previously acquired with the Dhcpv6RequestPrefix function.


DWORD Dhcpv6RenewPrefix(
  IN LPWSTR                             adapterName,
  IN LPDHCPV6CAPI_CLASSID               pclassId,
  IN OUT LPDHCPV6PrefixLeaseInformation prefixleaseInfo,
  DWORD                                 *pdwTimeToWait,
  IN DWORD                              bValidatePrefix



Name of the adapter on which the prefix renewal must be sent.


Pointer to a DHCPV6CAPI_CLASSID structure that contains the binary ClassId information to send on the wire.

Note  DHCPv6 Option Code 15 (0x000F) is not supported by this API. Typically, the User Class option is used by a client to identify the type or category of user or application it represents. A server selects the configuration information for the client based on the classes identified in this option.


Pointer to a DHCPV6PrefixLeaseInformation structure that contains the prefix lease information.


Contains the number of seconds a requesting application needs to wait before calling the Dhcpv6RenewPrefix function to renew its acquired prefixes. A value of 0xFFFFFFFF indicates that the application does not need to renew its lease.


Specifies to the DHCPv6 client whether or not to send a REBIND in order to validate the prefix bindings. TRUE indicates that a REBIND is required. FALSE indicates RENEW is required.

Return Value

Returns ERROR_SUCCESS upon successful completion.

Return code Description
Returned if one of the following conditions are true:
  • AdapterName is NULL.
  • prefixleaseInfo is NULL.
  • pdwTimeToWait is NULL.
Returned if the API responds with more prefixes than there is memory allocated.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header dhcpv6csdk.h
Library Dhcpcsvc6.lib
DLL Dhcpcsvc6.dll