XMLoadFloat3x3 function

Loads an XMFLOAT3X3 into an XMMATRIX.


  const XMFLOAT3X3 *pSource



Address of the XMFLOAT3X3 structure to load. This parameter must point to cached memory.

Return value

Returns an XMMATRIX loaded with the data from the pSource parameter.

This function performs a partial load of the returned XMMATRIX. See Getting Started for more information.


XMFLOAT3X3 is a row-major form of the matrix. This function could be used to read column-major data, but would then need to be transposed with XMMatrixTranpose before use in other XMMATRIX functions.

The members of the XMFLOAT3X3 structures (_11, _12, _13, and so on) are loaded into the corresponding members of the XMMATRIX. The remaining members of the returned XMMATRIX are 0.0f, except for _44, which is 1.0f.

Platform Requirements

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 with the Windows SDK for Windows 8. Supported for Win32 desktop apps, Windows Store apps, and Windows Phone 8 apps.


Target Platform Windows
Header directxmath.h

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