documenttarget.h header

This header is used by XPS Documents. For more information, see:

documenttarget.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
IPrintDocumentPackageStatusEvent Represents the progress of the print job.
IPrintDocumentPackageTarget Allows users to enumerate the supported package target types and to create one with a given type ID. IPrintDocumentPackageTarget also supports the tracking of the package printing progress and cancelling.
IPrintDocumentPackageTargetFactory Used with IPrintDocumentPackageTarget for starting a print job.


Title Description
PrintDocumentPackageStatus Defines a payload to be used by the PackageStatusUpdated method. This structure is a generic version of XPS_JOB_STATUS.


Title Description
PrintDocumentPackageCompletion The PrintDocumentPackageCompletion enumeration specifies the status of the print operation.