dot1x.h header

This header is used by Native Wifi. For more information, see:

  • Native Wifi dot1x.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
ONEX_AUTH_PARAMS Contains 802.1X authentication parameters used for 802.1X authentication.
ONEX_EAP_ERROR Contains 802.1X EAP error when an error occurs with 802.1X authentication.
ONEX_RESULT_UPDATE_DATA Contains information on a status change to 802.1X authentication.
ONEX_STATUS Contains the current 802.1X authentication status.
ONEX_VARIABLE_BLOB Is used as a member of other 802.1X authentication stuctures to contain variable-sized members.


Title Description
ONEX_AUTH_IDENTITY Specifies the possible values of the identity used for 802.1X authentication status.
ONEX_AUTH_RESTART_REASON Specifies the possible reasons that 802.1X authentication was restarted.
ONEX_AUTH_STATUS Specifies the possible values for the 802.1X authentication status.
ONEX_EAP_METHOD_BACKEND_SUPPORT Specifies the possible values for whether the EAP method configured on the supplicant for 802.1X authentication is supported on the authentication server.
ONEX_NOTIFICATION_TYPE Specifies the possible values of the NotificationCode member of the WLAN_NOTIFICATION_DATA structure for 802.1X module notifications.
ONEX_REASON_CODE Specifies the possible values that indicate the reason that 802.1X authentication failed.