dpapi.h header

This header is used by Security and Identity. For more information, see:


Title Description
CryptProtectData Performs encryption on the data in a DATA_BLOB structure.
CryptProtectMemory encrypts memory to prevent others from viewing sensitive information in your process.
CryptUnprotectData Decrypts and does an integrity check of the data in a DATA_BLOB structure.
CryptUnprotectMemory Decrypts memory that was encrypted using the CryptProtectMemory function.
CryptUpdateProtectedState Migrates the current user's master keys after the user's security identifier (SID) has changed.


Title Description
CRYPT_INTEGER_BLOB The CryptoAPI CRYPT_INTEGER_BLOB structure is used for an arbitrary array of bytes. It is declared in Wincrypt.h and provides flexibility for objects that can contain various data types.
CRYPTPROTECT_PROMPTSTRUCT Provides the text of a prompt and information about when and where that prompt is to be displayed when using the CryptProtectData and CryptUnprotectData functions.