IDXGIAdapter interface

The IDXGIAdapter interface represents a display subsystem (including one or more GPUs, DACs and video memory).


The IDXGIAdapter interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDXGIAdapter::CheckInterfaceSupport Checks whether the system supports a device interface for a graphics component.
IDXGIAdapter::EnumOutputs Enumerate adapter (video card) outputs.
IDXGIAdapter::GetDesc Gets a DXGI 1.0 description of an adapter (or video card).


A display subsystem is often referred to as a video card, however, on some machines the display subsystem is part of the motherboard.

To enumerate the display subsystems, use IDXGIFactory::EnumAdapters.

To get an interface to the adapter for a particular device, use IDXGIDevice::GetAdapter.

To create a software adapter, use IDXGIFactory::CreateSoftwareAdapter.

Windows Phone 8: This API is supported.


Target Platform Windows
Header dxgi.h

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