IDXGIDevice interface

An IDXGIDevice interface implements a derived class for DXGI objects that produce image data.


The IDXGIDevice interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDXGIDevice::CreateSurface Returns a surface. This method is used internally and you should not call it directly in your application.
IDXGIDevice::GetAdapter Returns the adapter for the specified device.
IDXGIDevice::GetGPUThreadPriority Gets the GPU thread priority.
IDXGIDevice::QueryResourceResidency Gets the residency status of an array of resources.
IDXGIDevice::SetGPUThreadPriority Sets the GPU thread priority.


The IDXGIDevice interface is designed for use by DXGI objects that need access to other DXGI objects. This interface is useful to applications that do not use Direct3D to communicate with DXGI.

The Direct3D create device functions return a Direct3D device object. This Direct3D device object implements the IUnknown interface. You can query this Direct3D device object for the device's corresponding IDXGIDevice interface. To retrieve the IDXGIDevice interface of a Direct3D device, use the following code:

IDXGIDevice * pDXGIDevice;
hr = g_pd3dDevice->QueryInterface(__uuidof(IDXGIDevice), (void **)&pDXGIDevice);

Windows Phone 8: This API is supported.


Target Platform Windows
Header dxgi.h

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