IDXGIOutput interface

An IDXGIOutput interface represents an adapter output (such as a monitor).


The IDXGIOutput interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDXGIOutput::FindClosestMatchingMode Finds the display mode that most closely matches the requested display mode.
IDXGIOutput::GetDesc Get a description of the output.
IDXGIOutput::GetDisplayModeList Gets the display modes that match the requested format and other input options.
IDXGIOutput::GetDisplaySurfaceData Gets a copy of the current display surface.
IDXGIOutput::GetFrameStatistics Gets statistics about recently rendered frames.
IDXGIOutput::GetGammaControl Gets the gamma control settings.
IDXGIOutput::GetGammaControlCapabilities Gets a description of the gamma-control capabilities.
IDXGIOutput::ReleaseOwnership Releases ownership of the output.
IDXGIOutput::SetDisplaySurface Changes the display mode.
IDXGIOutput::SetGammaControl Sets the gamma controls.
IDXGIOutput::TakeOwnership Takes ownership of an output.
IDXGIOutput::WaitForVBlank Halt a thread until the next vertical blank occurs.


To see the outputs available, use IDXGIAdapter::EnumOutputs. To see the specific output that the swap chain will update, use IDXGISwapChain::GetContainingOutput.


Target Platform Windows
Header dxgi.h

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