IDXGIAdapter3 interface

This interface adds some memory residency methods, for budgeting and reserving physical memory.


The IDXGIAdapter3 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDXGIAdapter3::QueryVideoMemoryInfo This method informs the process of the current budget and process usage.
IDXGIAdapter3::RegisterHardwareContentProtectionTeardownStatusEvent Registers to receive notification of hardware content protection teardown events.
IDXGIAdapter3::RegisterVideoMemoryBudgetChangeNotificationEvent This method establishes a correlation between a CPU synchronization object and the budget change event.
IDXGIAdapter3::SetVideoMemoryReservation This method sends the minimum required physical memory for an application, to the OS.
IDXGIAdapter3::UnregisterHardwareContentProtectionTeardownStatus Unregisters an event to stop it from receiving notification of hardware content protection teardown events.
IDXGIAdapter3::UnregisterVideoMemoryBudgetChangeNotification This method stops notifying a CPU synchronization object whenever a budget change occurs. An application may switch back to polling the information regularly.


For more details, refer to the Residency section of the D3D12 documentation.


Target Platform Windows
Header dxgi1_4.h (include DXGI1_3.h)

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