IDXGIDevice4 interface

This interface provides updated methods to offer and reclaim resources.


The IDXGIDevice4 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDXGIDevice4::OfferResources1 Allows the operating system to free the video memory of resources, including both discarding the content and de-committing the memory.
IDXGIDevice4::ReclaimResources1 Restores access to resources that were previously offered by calling IDXGIDevice4::OfferResources1.


The Direct3D create device functions return a Direct3D device object. This Direct3D device object implements the IUnknown interface. You can query this Direct3D device object for the device's corresponding IDXGIDevice4 interface. To retrieve the IDXGIDevice4 interface of a Direct3D device, use the following code:

IDXGIDevice4 * pDXGIDevice;
hr = g_pd3dDevice->QueryInterface(__uuidof(IDXGIDevice4), (void **)&pDXGIDevice);


Target Platform Windows
Header dxgi1_5.h

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