ColorLUT Class

A ColorLUTParams structure has four members, each being a lookup table for a particular color channel: alpha, red, green, or blue. The lookup tables can be used to make custom color adjustments to bitmaps. Each lookup table is an array of 256 bytes that you can set to values of your choice. After you have initialized a ColorLUTParams structure, pass its address to the ColorLUT::SetParameters method of a ColorLUT object. Then pass the address of that ColorLUT object to the Graphics::DrawImage method or to the Bitmap::ApplyEffect method.


The ColorLUT class has these methods.

Method Description
ColorLUT::ColorLUT Creates a new ColorLUT object.
ColorLUT::GetParameters The ColorLUT::GetParameters method gets the current values of the parameters of this ColorLUT object.
ColorLUT::SetParameters The ColorLUT::SetParameters method sets the parameters of this ColorLUT object.


Target Platform Windows
Header gdipluseffects.h