IGPMMigrationTable interface (gpmgmt.h)

The IGPMMigrationTable interface provides an interface to a migration table.


The IGPMMigrationTable interface inherits from the IDispatch interface. IGPMMigrationTable also has these types of members:


The IGPMMigrationTable interface has these methods.

Method Description
IGPMMigrationTable::Add Adds entries from the IGPMGPO and IGPMBackup interfaces. The method updates any entries that are already present in the migration table.
IGPMMigrationTable::AddEntry Creates an entry in the migration table. The method updates an existing entry.
IGPMMigrationTable::DeleteEntry Deletes an entry from the migration table.
IGPMMigrationTable::GetEntries Returns a IGPMMapEntryCollection interface.
IGPMMigrationTable::GetEntry The GetEntry method gets the entry in the migration table for a specified source field.
IGPMMigrationTable::Save Saves the migration table currently in memory in a specified location.
IGPMMigrationTable::UpdateDestination Updates the destination field of an entry in a migration table. You can specify the destination option and the destination.
IGPMMigrationTable::Validate Validates the migration table.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header gpmgmt.h

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