HTTP_VERSION structure (http.h)

The HTTP_VERSION structure defines a version of the HTTP protocol that a request requires or a response provides. This is not to be confused with the version of the HTTP Server API used, which is stored in an HTTPAPI_VERSION structure.


typedef struct _HTTP_VERSION {
  USHORT MajorVersion;
  USHORT MinorVersion;



Major version of the HTTP protocol.


Minor version of the HTTP protocol.


For more information about the HTTP protocol, see RFC 2616.

The following macros define various versions of the HTTP protocol:"#define HTTP_VERSION_UNKNOWN { 0, 0 }""#define HTTP_VERSION_0_9 { 0, 9 }""#define HTTP_VERSION_1_0 { 1, 0 }""#define HTTP_VERSION_1_1 { 1, 1 }"

The HTTP Server API provides a number of macros that can be used to evaluate the value of an HTTP_VERSION structure; For more information, see HTTP Server API Version 1.0 Macros.

Note  The HTTP Server API rejects a version of HTTP larger than 65,535 in either the major or minor portion. If a request includes such a version number, the HTTP Server API discards it and returns a response with status 400 ("Bad Request").


Minimum supported client Windows Vista, Windows XP with SP2 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Header http.h

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