IADsClass::Qualifiers method (iads.h)

The IADsClass::Qualifiers method is an optional method that returns a collection of ADSI objects that describe additional qualifiers for this schema class.


HRESULT Qualifiers(
  [out] IADsCollection **ppQualifiers


[out] ppQualifiers

Address of an IADsCollection pointer variable that receives the interface pointer to the ADSI collection object that represents additional limits for this schema class.

Return value

This method supports the standard return values, as well as the following.

For more information and other return values, see ADSI Error Codes.


The qualifier objects are provider-specific. When supported, this method can be used to obtain extended schema data.

This method is not currently supported by any of Microsoft providers.


The following code example shows how to use this method.

Dim ads As IADs
Dim cls As IADsClass
On Error GoTo Cleanup

Set ads = GetObject("WinNT://myComputer, computer")
Set cls = GetObject(ads.Schema)
' Show the user where to find additional class data.
ListBox.additem "Additional class information can be found from:"
For Each q In cls.Qualifiers
    listBox.additem q.Name 

    If (Err.Number<>0) Then
        MsgBox("An error has occurred. " & Err.Number)
    End If
    Set ads = Nothing
    Set cls = Nothing


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header iads.h
DLL Activeds.dll

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