IInkEdit::get_Factoid method

Gets or sets the Factoid constant that a IInkRecognizer object uses to constrain its search for the recognition result.

This property is read/write.


HRESULT get_Factoid(
  BSTR *pVal



Return value



This property should only be changed if the Status property returns IES_Idle.

To ensure that ink is recognized in the correct field context, set this property before processing the ink for the first time.

A Factoid provides context for recognized ink in the context of a particular field. You specify a factoid if an input field is of a known type, for example, if the input field contains a date.

This property takes or returns a string parameter and not a class object of the Factoid class. The members of this class are of type STRING. This method does not throw an error if you attempt to set this property to an invalid string value.

Note  All factoids are case sensitive.
For more information about factoids and how to use them, see Using Context to Improve Accuracy. For a list of supported factoids, see Factoid Constants and Supported Factoids from Version 1.



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