lsalookup.h header

This header is used by Security and Identity. For more information, see:


Title Description
LSA_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES The LSA_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES structure is used with the LsaOpenPolicy function to specify the attributes of the connection to the Policy object.
LSA_REFERENCED_DOMAIN_LIST The LSA_REFERENCED_DOMAIN_LIST structure contains information about the domains referenced in a lookup operation.
LSA_STRING Used by Local Security Authority (LSA) functions to specify an ANSI string.
LSA_TRANSLATED_NAME Used with the LsaLookupSids function to return information about the account identified by a SID.
LSA_TRANSLATED_SID2 Contains SIDs that are retrieved based on account names.
LSA_TRUST_INFORMATION Identifies a domain.
LSA_UNICODE_STRING The LSA_UNICODE_STRING structure is used by various Local Security Authority (LSA) functions to specify a Unicode string.
POLICY_ACCOUNT_DOMAIN_INFO Used to set and query the name and SID of the system's account domain.
POLICY_DNS_DOMAIN_INFO The POLICY_DNS_DOMAIN_INFO structure is used to set and query Domain Name System (DNS) information about the primary domain associated with a Policy object.