MagShowSystemCursor function

Shows or hides the system cursor.


BOOL MagShowSystemCursor(
  BOOL fShowCursor



Type: BOOL

TRUE to show the system cursor, or FALSE to hide it.

Return value

Type: BOOL

Returns TRUE if successful, or FALSE otherwise.


This function does not associate a reference count with the visibility state of the system cursor. Instead, the specified visibility state takes effect immediately, regardless of any previous calls to MagShowSystemCursor.

The system cursor is always magnified when it is shown while the full-screen magnifier is active.

When used with a magnifier control, calls to MagShowSystemCursor have no effect on the magnified system cursor. The visibility of the magnified system cursor depends on whether the magnifier control has the MS_SHOWMAGNIFIEDCURSOR style. If it has this style, the magnifier control displays the magnified system cursor, along with the magnified screen content, whenever the system cursor enters the source rectangle.


The following example uses the MagShowSystemCursor function to set the visibility state of the system cursor.

// Description:
//   Show or hide the system cursor.
// Parameters:
//   fShow - TRUE to show the system cursor, FALSE to hide it.
BOOL ShowSystemCursor(BOOL fShow)
    BOOL fResult = MagShowSystemCursor(fShow);

    return fResult;


Minimum supported client Windows 8 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header magnification.h
Library Magnification.lib
DLL Magnification.dll