IMFCameraConfigurationManager::SaveDefaults method (mfidl.h)

Saves the provided collection of camera control default values.


HRESULT SaveDefaults(
  [in] IMFCameraControlDefaultsCollection *configurations


[in] configurations

An IMFCameraControlDefaultsCollection representing the collection of camera control default values to save.

Return value

An HRESULT, including the following:

Value Description
S_OK Success.
MF_E_SHUTDOWN The function was called after IMFCameraConfigurationManager::Shutdown was called.


The provided default values are assigned to the camera specified with the MF_DEVSOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_SOURCE_TYPE_VIDCAP_SYMBOLIC_LINK value provided when the collection was loaded with a call to IMFCameraConfigurationManager::LoadDefaults. Saving an empty collection will clear all existing control default values for the associated camera.


Minimum supported client Windows 11 Build 22621
Minimum supported server Windows 11 Build 22621
Header mfidl.h