IMFCameraControlDefaults::LockControlData method (mfidl.h)

Retrieves the data payload for the control associated with the IMFCameraControlDefaults instance, allowing clients to modify the control value directly.


HRESULT LockControlData(
  [out] void  **control,
  [out] ULONG *controlSize,
  [out] void  **data,
  [out] ULONG *dataSize


[out] control

Receives a pointer to the control being locked.

[out] controlSize

Receives the size of the structure pointed to by control.

[out] data

Receives a pointer to the data payload of the control.

[out] dataSize

Receives the size of the buffer pointed to by dataSize.

Return value

S_OK on success.


The control and data parameters are not type checked because custom controls can have arbitrary payload schema sizes.

You must call UnlockControlData must be called before the collection containing the control is submitted to IMFCameraConfigurationManager::SaveDefaults method.


Minimum supported client Windows 11 Build 22621
Minimum supported server Windows 11 Build 22621
Header mfidl.h

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