IMFMediaEngineEx interface

Extends the IMFMediaEngine interface.


The IMFMediaEngineEx interface has these methods.

Method Description
IMFMediaEngineEx::ApplyStreamSelections Applies the stream selections from previous calls to SetStreamSelection.
IMFMediaEngineEx::CancelTimelineMarkerTimer Cancels the next pending timeline marker.
IMFMediaEngineEx::EnableHorizontalMirrorMode Enables or disables mirroring of the video.
IMFMediaEngineEx::EnableTimeUpdateTimer Enables or disables the time update timer.
IMFMediaEngineEx::EnableWindowlessSwapchainMode Enables or disables windowless swap-chain mode.
IMFMediaEngineEx::FrameStep Steps forward or backward one frame.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetAudioEndpointRole Gets the audio device endpoint role used for the next call to SetSource or Load.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetAudioStreamCategory Gets the audio stream category used for the next call to SetSource or Load.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetBalance Gets the audio balance.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetNumberOfStreams Gets the number of streams in the media resource.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetPresentationAttribute Gets a presentation attribute from the media resource.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetRealTimeMode Gets the real time mode used for the next call to SetSource or Load.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetResourceCharacteristics Gets various flags that describe the media resource.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetStatistics Gets a playback statistic from the Media Engine.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetStereo3DFramePackingMode For stereoscopic 3D video, gets the layout of the two views within a video frame.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetStereo3DRenderMode For stereoscopic 3D video, queries how the Media Engine renders the 3D video content.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetStreamAttribute Gets a stream-level attribute from the media resource.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetStreamSelection Queries whether a stream is selected to play.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetTimelineMarkerTimer Gets the time of the next timeline marker, if any.
IMFMediaEngineEx::GetVideoSwapchainHandle Gets a handle to the windowless swap chain.
IMFMediaEngineEx::InsertAudioEffect Inserts an audio effect.
IMFMediaEngineEx::InsertVideoEffect Inserts a video effect.
IMFMediaEngineEx::IsPlaybackRateSupported Queries whether the Media Engine can play at a specified playback rate.
IMFMediaEngineEx::IsProtected Queries whether the media resource contains protected content.
IMFMediaEngineEx::IsStereo3D Queries whether the media resource contains stereoscopic 3D video.
IMFMediaEngineEx::RemoveAllEffects Removes all audio and video effects.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetAudioEndpointRole Sets the audio device endpoint used for the next call to SetSource or Load.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetAudioStreamCategory Sets the audio stream category for the next call to SetSource or Load.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetBalance Sets the audio balance.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetCurrentTimeEx Seeks to a new playback position using the specified MF_MEDIA_ENGINE_SEEK_MODE.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetRealTimeMode Sets the real time mode used for the next call to SetSource or Load.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetSourceFromByteStream Opens a media resource from a byte stream.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetStereo3DFramePackingMode For stereoscopic 3D video, sets the layout of the two views within a video frame.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetStereo3DRenderMode For stereoscopic 3D video, specifies how the Media Engine renders the 3D video content.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetStreamSelection Selects or deselects a stream for playback.
IMFMediaEngineEx::SetTimelineMarkerTimer Specifies a presentation time when the Media Engine will send a marker event.
IMFMediaEngineEx::UpdateVideoStream Updates the source rectangle, destination rectangle, and border color for the video.


The IMFMediaEngine interface contains methods that map to the HTML5 media elements. The IMFMediaEngineEx provides additional functionality that does not correspond directly to HTML5.


Minimum supported client Windows 8 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header mfmediaengine.h

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