mobsync.h header

This header is used by The Windows Shell. For more information, see:

mobsync.h contains the following programming interfaces:


Title Description
ISyncMgrEnumItems Exposes methods that enumerate through an array of SYNCMGRITEM structures.
ISyncMgrRegister Exposes methods so that an application can register with the synchronization manager. This can be achieved either through the ISyncMgrRegister interface or by registering directly in the registry.
ISyncMgrSynchronize Exposes methods that enable the registered application or service to receive notifications from the synchronization manager.
ISyncMgrSynchronizeCallback Exposes methods that manage the synchronization process.
ISyncMgrSynchronizeInvoke Exposes methods that enable a registered application to invoke the synchronization manager to update items.


Title Description
SYNCMGRHANDLERINFO Provides information about the handler for use in the ISyncMgrSynchronize::GetHandlerInfo method.
SYNCMGRITEM Provides information about items being enumerated by the ISyncMgrEnumItems interface.
SYNCMGRLOGERRORINFO Provides error information for use in the ISyncMgrSynchronizeCallback::LogError method.
SYNCMGRPROGRESSITEM Provides status information while a synchronization is in progress. This structure is used with the ISyncMgrSynchronizeCallback::Progress method and corresponds to a single synchronization item.


Title Description
SYNCMGRFLAG The SYNCMGRFLAG enumeration values are used in the ISyncMgrSynchronize::Initialize method to indicate how the synchronization event was initiated.
SYNCMGRHANDLERFLAGS Used in the SYNCMGRHANDLERINFO structure as flags that apply to the current handler.
SYNCMGRINVOKEFLAGS The SYNCMGRINVOKEFLAGS enumeration value specifies how the Sync Manager is to be invoked in the ISyncMgrSynchronizeInvoke::UpdateItems method.
SYNCMGRITEMFLAGS Specifies information for the current item in the SYNCMGRITEM structure.
SYNCMGRLOGLEVEL The SYNCMGRLOGLEVEL enumeration values specify an error level for use in the ISyncMgrSynchronizeCallback::LogError method.
SYNCMGRREGISTERFLAGS The SYNCMGRREGISTERFLAGS enumeration values are used in methods of the ISyncMgrRegister interface to identify events for which the handler is registered to be notified.
SYNCMGRSTATUS Used in the ISyncMgrSynchronize::SetItemStatus method to specify the updated status for the item.