The ACMFORMATDETAILS structure details a waveform-audio format for a specific format tag for an ACM driver.


typedef struct tACMFORMATDETAILS {
  DWORD          cbStruct;
  DWORD          dwFormatIndex;
  DWORD          dwFormatTag;
  DWORD          fdwSupport;
  DWORD          cbwfx;
  char           szFormat[ACMFORMATDETAILS_FORMAT_CHARS];



Size, in bytes, of the ACMFORMATDETAILS structure. This member must be initialized before an application calls the acmFormatDetails or acmFormatEnum function. The size specified by this member must be large enough to contain the base ACMFORMATDETAILS structure. When the acmFormatDetails function returns, this member contains the actual size of the information returned. The returned information will never exceed the requested size.


Index of the format to retrieve details for. The index ranges from zero to one less than the number of standard formats supported by an ACM driver for a format tag. The number of standard formats supported by a driver for a format tag is contained in the cStandardFormats member of the ACMFORMATTAGDETAILS structure. The dwFormatIndex member is used only when an application queries standard format details about a driver by index; otherwise, this member should be zero. Also, this member will be set to zero by the ACM when an application queries for details on a format; in other words, this member is used only for input and is never returned by the ACM or an ACM driver.


Waveform-audio format tag that the ACMFORMATDETAILS structure describes. This member is used for input for the ACM_FORMATDETAILSF_INDEX query flag. For the ACM_FORMATDETAILSF_FORMAT query flag, this member must be initialized to the same format tag as the pwfx member specifies. If a call to the acmFormatDetails function is successful, this member is always returned. This member should be set to WAVE_FORMAT_UNKNOWN for all other query flags.


Driver-support flags specific to the specified format. These flags are identical to the fdwSupport flags of the ACMDRIVERDETAILS structure. This member can be a combination of the following values and indicates which operations the driver supports for the format tag:

Name Description
Driver supports asynchronous conversions with the specified format tag.
Driver supports conversion between two different format tags for the specified format. For example, if a driver supports compression from WAVE_FORMAT_PCM to WAVE_FORMAT_ADPCM with the specified format, this flag is set.
Driver supports conversion between two different formats of the same format tag while using the specified format. For example, if a driver supports resampling of WAVE_FORMAT_PCM to the specified format, this flag is set.
Driver supports a filter (which modifies data without changing any format attributes) with the specified format. For example, if a driver supports volume or echo operations on WAVE_FORMAT_PCM, this flag is set.
Driver supports hardware input and/or output of the specified format through a waveform-audio device. An application should use acmMetrics with the ACM_METRIC_HARDWARE_WAVE_INPUT and ACM_METRIC_HARDWARE_WAVE_OUTPUT metric indexes to get the waveform-audio device identifiers associated with the supporting ACM driver.


Pointer to a WAVEFORMATEX structure that will receive the format details. This structure requires no initialization by the application unless the ACM_FORMATDETAILSF_FORMAT flag is specified in the acmFormatDetails function. In this case, the wFormatTag member of the WAVEFORMATEX structure must be equal to the dwFormatTag of the ACMFORMATDETAILS structure.


Size, in bytes, available for pwfx to receive the format details. The acmMetrics and acmFormatTagDetails functions can be used to determine the maximum size required for any format available for the specified driver (or for all installed ACM drivers).


String that describes the format for the dwFormatTag type. If the acmFormatDetails function is successful, this string is always returned.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Header msacm.h

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