IFEDictionary interface (msime.h)

The IFEDictionary interface allows clients to access a Microsoft IME user dictionary.

This API enables your apps to access and use the data contained in the Microsoft IME dictionaries (including personal name and geographical name dictionaries), or user dictionary. You can develop and sell such applications, provided that:

  • You do not create an application that accesses a dictionary that is not a Microsoft IME dictionary through this API.
  • You do not dump, copy, or distribute the dictionary data contained in the Microsoft IME.
You must use this API only for the purpose of developing applications for users who already have the Microsoft IME.


The IFEDictionary interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IFEDictionary also has these types of members:


The IFEDictionary interface has these methods.

Method Description
IFEDictionary::Close Closes a dictionary file.
IFEDictionary::Create Creates a new dictionary file.
IFEDictionary::DisplayProperty This method is obsolete starting with Windows 8, and is no longer supported.
IFEDictionary::ExistWord Determines if the specified word exists in IFEDictionary.
IFEDictionary::GetHeader Gets a dictionary header from a dictionary file without opening the dictionary.
IFEDictionary::GetPosTable Obtains the public POS (Part of Speech) table.
IFEDictionary::GetWords Gets word entries from a dictionary.
IFEDictionary::NextWords Gets the next word entry from a dictionary.
IFEDictionary::Open Opens a dictionary file.
IFEDictionary::RegisterWord Registers a new word or deletes an existing word in the IFEDictionary.
IFEDictionary::SetHeader Sets a dictionary header in a dictionary file.


Create an instance of this interface with the CreateIFEDictionaryInstance function.


Target Platform Windows
Header msime.h